Use Your Eyes

By using your eyes and ears in your everyday life, you have a chance to stop modern slavery & human trafficking. Please use it. Awareness leads to action, and action leads to change.

Modern Slavery & Human trafficking happens in our society, right on our doorsteps, under our eyes. It’s up to us to be the eyes and ears of our communities and workplaces, to spot and report it.

If you come across some of the following indicators, please contact the police. 

If several of these signs present themselves, or if you have a niggling feeling that just won’t go away – call 999 in case of emergency, 101 about a general situation or Crimestoppers if you wish to remain anonymous.

Unseen App

We would encourage you to download the unseen app, it gives you valuable information that can help you spot the signs of modern slavery & human trafficking. 

Download here – Apple iPhone  –  Android



A property that is very busy at night


An over-crowded living space


Blacked out windows or curtains always drawn


People working long hours without breaks


People who don’t know their work or home address


A child travelling alone or with unrelated adults


Someone who sleeps where they work


Someone who gives the money they earn to someone else


Someone who does not have access to their passport or work documents


Someone who is overly fearful of police or authorities


Someone who seems to be controlled by someone else