Knowledge is key in stopping modern slavery & human trafficking.Awareness leads to action, and action leads to change. This section will help inform you so that you are aware. Find out more about human trafficking in Northern Ireland and around the world.

Human trafficking is the deception, movement and exploitation of human beings for profit.

It is global organised crime, putting $50 billion into the pockets of traffickers each year. A more shocking statistic? Over 45 million people are currently enslaved worldwide. Trafficking happens for the purposes of forced labour, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, and sometimes, organ harvesting.

And what you might not realise is that human trafficking happens here, in Northern Ireland. People are trafficked into, out of, and around “our wee country”.

It happens in cities like Belfast and Derry. It happens in towns like Portadown, Kilkeel and Bangor. And it happens in rural areas and farms, too.

Human trafficking could involve a young guy forced to cultivate cannabis in an average-looking house with no pay. Or someone forced to work on a fishing boat for weeks at a time, with no access to healthcare. A local girl driven from house to house and sold for sex by her so-called friends. An older man forced to work on an apple-picking farm, not paid enough to feed himself properly. A woman whose passport is taken, forced to sell her body for sex in a different brothel each week.

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