No More Traffik.
Launched Apr.14

Awareness Festival 2014

Since last year’s awareness festival, No More Traffik had become a registered charity and was developing a movement of people, communities and organisations that were engaged with the issue of human trafficking 24/7.

We still love the idea of concentrated time and space dedicated to a single issue, that allows us to refocus and reengage with each other in meaningful ways.


We also wanted to shift the focus towards and look at forced labour, particularly in the chocolate and fashion industries, so we made sure our events reflected this. Using the “power of the purse” is such a direct way to step towards a traffik-free society, and we wanted to empower people to do that.


The May 2014 Awareness Festival started with a social media campaign that linked= into a call on the Nigerian government to assist the 200+ girls kidnapped by Boko Haram on 14th April 2014.


It also included a football tournament at Stormont, chocolate tasting sessions at Co Couture in Belfast, 2 fashion shows with The A21 Campaign and Unify at the Pump House in the Titanic Quarter, and an awareness workshop in Coleraine with STOP THE TRAFFIK North West.