International Women’s Day 2016 | Half the Sky

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International Women’s Day 2016 is a time to celebrate the great achievements of women around the globe, and be thankful for those who fought hard to ensure equal opportunities for women in education, careers and politics. However, statistics show that in many parts of our world this is sadly not the case and females simply… Read more

My Dream Is


“A society that places importance on dreaming will become a nation filled with people who will change the world.” Pete Waugh What are your dreams? In August 1963, Martin Luther King spoke the immortal words: “I have a dream”. This August, we’re asking you to do the same. What are your dreams? For your family,… Read more



Happy 1st July everyone! Summer is finally here. For some it means jetting off to exotic places, for others it means a staycation, and for others…well, life just goes on (maybe with the odd BBQ thrown in!) Whether you’re taking a long-haul flight to the other side of the world, popping over to England on… Read more

Give As You Live

give as you live

Give As You Live is an online tool supported by affiliate marketing that allows you to raise money for No More Traffik as you shop. Amazon, eBay, ASOS, Apple, M&S, Next, Topman, and a whole host of other stores have signed up to the scheme.  No More Traffik is supported solely through your donations. With… Read more

Awareness Festival 2013

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No More Traffik started to network intentionally, deliver some training and awareness sessions, and when May 2013 was looming, we knew it was time for another festival! This year was slightly different in focus: we wanted to let people in NI know that  human trafficking happened in Northern Ireland. Awareness had been spreading, and people… Read more

Awareness Festival 2012


Pete was talking to his friends Shemek and Stephen, who were designing a clothing line based on ordinary people’s stories. As Pete talked about his family, his job, and his hobbies, he couldn’t help but mention his regular trips to South East Asia, where he had first come across human trafficking. When he mentioned the… Read more

Awareness Festival 2014

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We still love the idea of concentrated time and space dedicated to a single issue, that allows us to refocus and reengage with each other in meaningful ways. We also wanted to shift the focus towards and look at forced labour, particularly in the chocolate and fashion industries, so we made sure our events reflected… Read more

Make Fashion Traffik Free


Female workers, mainly aged 14 to 23 years old, are recruited with false promises of a good job and a lump sum payment under the guise of an ‘apprenticeship’ scheme called Sumangali. Once recruited, many find themselves trapped within a factory for up to five years. Two out of three never receive the promised payment…. Read more



G.I.F.T. (Global Intiative to Fight Trafficking) is a United Nations project which STOP THE TRAFFIK has been a partner in since 2012. As the Olympic games in London approached, the UN and STOP THE TRAFFIK developed… a project to raise awareness of human trafficking at a large scale. This was a ‘GIFT Box’ – simply… Read more