82% of victims of trafficking are female (UN, 2012.) We need to ask why this is: lack of education, little access to healthcare, economic deprivation, cultural norms. All themes covered in Half the Sky, a film which looks at the problem but also highlights what is being done to fix it. The cool thing? Women are not the problem – they are the solution (Nick Kristof, NY Times.)

We had a great time at our Half the Sky screening last night – a full house of passionate people asking brilliant questions and finding thoughtful answers together.


Here are the video highlights: https://vimeo.com/121569668

3 things we can do to tackle gender inequality that leads to women and girls being trafficked:

1. Talk. Spread knowledge. Knowledge is power. Awareness leads to action, and action leads to change. Educate those around you.

2. Support people working on root causes such as education, healthcare and jobs training.

3. Tell good stories. Who are the women who inspire you? Rosa Parks, your grandmother, a colleague? This International Women’s Day, tell them and the world. Let’s celebrate these strong, loving, brave, wise, inspiring women. By telling these stories, we will bring about change.

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