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STOP THE TRAFFIK has launched its latest film, Sumangali, which takes a look at exploitation in the cotton industry in India. Highlighting the Sumangali scheme, Suzanne Kim and her team tell the story of girls who are deceived, moved and enslaved in compounds while producing cotton. Their health, emotional well-being and future prospects are toyed with by those who wish to make money from their labour. But it doesn’t end there: the team on the ground are making a difference by looking at the girls’ vulnerabilities and the poverty that leads them to being trafficked.

STOP THE TRAFFIK CEO, Ruth Dearnley, also places the onus on the viewer – it is our demand for cheap clothes that allows exploitation in the clothing industry. It’s time to ask more questions of our favourite stores and use the power of our purses. 

You can watch the film, which is a part of the Make Fashion Traffik-Free campaign, here.