Two Men Charged with Human Trafficking in New Zealand

Two men were arrested and charged with human trafficking in New Zealand after 18 men were trafficked from India to work in the country’s horticulture industry.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of 20 years. This is the first time New Zealand has seen trafficking charges be laid against a person; as an operation which began in 2012 due to a tip-off received by Immigration New Zealand. 2012 was also the year in which our colleagues launched STOP THE TRAFFIK New Zealand.

In what is a victory for New Zealand and the global community, we must remember that progress takes time – sometimes longer than we’d like. We welcome the news of legislation being used to deter would-be traffickers and remind existing traffickers of the severity of their actions.

Anti-trafficking legislation must aim to make any jurisdiction safe for victims of trafficking, and unwelcoming of all trafficking activity. This is the aim we hope to see upheld as Northern Ireland steps forward in discussing Lord Morrow’s Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill in October 2014; this is conjunction with elements taken from Teresa May’s Modern Slavery Bill.