Apple wins ‘Stop Slavery’ award.

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Apple were awarded the Stop Slavery award from Thomson Reuters Foundation last week, to recognise their “giant leap in the fight against slavery”. Apple have been working to eliminate slave & bonded labour from their supply chains and becoming more transparent about the ways they are looking to eradicate any abuse or exploitation in their supply chains. 

Apple have been criticised in the past about the abuse some workers face  in their supply chains. It is important that we recognise and celebrate big businesses that are increasing their efforts to be more transparent and ethical in their business practices. Is their room for them to do more, of course there is, but it is vital that we see and encourage positive steps forward. 

On collecting the award Apple also announced that it was teaming up with UN’s International Organisation for Migration, that will provide pathways for #humantrafficking survivors to gain employment in the behind the scenes operations of retail stores, this will happen through a third party so Apple will not know which individuals are being hired through the programme. I think this adds great value as the survivor will be entering employment with other employees as an individual not as a rescued “victim”

I think this is important for survivors to be seen and valued as equal members of society allowing them to rebuild their lives on the merits of their character. It is vital that we create supportive pathways and opportunities for survivors that value them above all else as individauls. “Though we have only just started, we see huge opportunity to be a beacon of hope for trafficking survivors integrating them into our retail team,” @angelaahrendts – senior vice president apple retail.


Pete Kernoghan