Keep up with the latest news about human trafficking both in Northern Ireland and around the world, and what is being done to stop it.

The Refugee Crisis: what can we do?

The Refugee Crisis The refugee crisis has been prominent in the news recently, even more so this week as NI prepares to welcome a number of refugees into the country. Carys asks some key questions in this informative piece. Many of us have been shocked by the refugee tragedies and misery of refugees fleeing war-torn… Read more


MLK’s Dream & How It Relates to Human Trafficking: an Analysis

“I Have a Dream…” On the 28th August 1963 Martin Luther King Jr spoke these iconic words as part of his speech that called for an end to racism in the United States at the Lincoln Memorial. 250,000 civil rights supporters listened to this speech that was to become one of the defining moments of… Read more


#MyDreamIs || Stu Bothwell

Allow me to begin with a disclaimer: I’ve always found the conversation around dreams to be one full of tension and I find myself carrying this tension around with me every day. I am an individual that is fuelled by vision and imagining what the future has in store. Yet, even in my dreaming, I can’t… Read more


#MyDreamIs || Tim Magowan

In 1992 I was dreaming of a good career. I had just completed 2 years at law school in England and was on track to do well. Out of the blue, I got an opportunity to spend the summer before my final year helping to run a summer camp for African-American children in Philadelphia. That… Read more

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#MyDreamIs ||Claire Rush

My dream is… not to be content with dreaming! As I write this, I’m feeling pretty excited. In November, there’s going to be a new addition to our family as my younger sister is expecting her first child. Over the last few months as her body has gotten fuller, our conversations have been dominated with… Read more


#MyDreamIs || Emma Wood

My dream is not what it used to be.  A few years ago, I dreamt I was walking towards my own death. I was with a group of people similar to me, each of us exhausted and overwhelmed, ready to put an end to our misery.  My subconscious was on to something. In real life,… Read more