Keep up with the latest news about human trafficking both in Northern Ireland and around the world, and what is being done to stop it.


Traffik-Free Christmas // Bailies Coffee Roasters

Scott Hamilton  Tell us a bit about yourself So my name is Scott Hamilton, and I am a coffee roaster for Bailies Coffee Roasters.  I’m 3 years married to my wonderful wife Tammy – living the dream!  Obviously I work in the coffee industry, but it’s also a passion of mine.  I love sharing coffee… Read more


Traffik-Free Christmas // Victory Chimp

Ryan O’Reilly Tell us a bit about yourself and Victory Chimp Victory Chimp is an independent cycling brand producing high-quality, design-led performance apparel, casual clothing and cycling-inspired art. Dreamed up on the roadside and worked out in the studio. It’s also the alter-ego of me, Ryan O’Reilly, a Northern Irish bike-riding designer and illustrator. When… Read more


Traffik-Free Christmas // Madlug

Paul Meneely Tell us a bit about yourself  Hi, my name’s Paul and I’ve just joined the Madlug team. As part of my role I’ll be directing our sales and introducing the work of Madlug to new clients both in Ireland and beyond. As a small start up each day tends to be different and… Read more


Traffik-Free Christmas

The Christmas season is well and truly upon us, the hustle and bustle, the gift buying, the catching up with good friends and all the other good stuff in between that makes Christmas what it is. At this time of the year we often get to see the generous and thoughtful side of human nature… Read more

The Refugee Crisis: what can we do?

The Refugee Crisis The refugee crisis has been prominent in the news recently, even more so this week as NI prepares to welcome a number of refugees into the country. Carys asks some key questions in this informative piece. Many of us have been shocked by the refugee tragedies and misery of refugees fleeing war-torn… Read more


MLK’s Dream & How It Relates to Human Trafficking: an Analysis

“I Have a Dream…” On the 28th August 1963 Martin Luther King Jr spoke these iconic words as part of his speech that called for an end to racism in the United States at the Lincoln Memorial. 250,000 civil rights supporters listened to this speech that was to become one of the defining moments of… Read more