No More Traffik.
Launched Aug.12

Awareness Festival 2012

NO MORE TRAFFIK ON OUR STREETS was the campaign out of which No More Traffik was born.

Pete was talking to his friends Shemek and Stephen, who were designing a clothing line based on ordinary people’s stories. As Pete talked about his family, his job, and his hobbies, he couldn’t help but mention his regular trips to South East Asia, where he had first come across human trafficking. When he mentioned the fact that trafficking happens in Northern Ireland, Shemek and Stephen were shocked.

They knew they had to do something.

579901_414319921922685_807856777_nSo they looked at what was in their hands, and developed an awareness campaign in the urban world that was their home. “No More Traffik On Our Streets” was born. The guys got a few other friends involved (who later became the No More Traffik board) and put on 20 events as they partnered with 30 organisations such as Queen’s University Belfast, PSNI, Department of Justice, Belfast MET, LOVE146, The A21 Campaign, International Justice Mission, STOP THE TRAFFIK North Down, STOP THE TRAFFIK Craigavon, and many more.

317715_582133695141306_162144525_nThe aim was to reach as many pockets of society as possible, and to tell them about human trafficking in NI. Politicians, basketball players, dancers, graffiti artists, fashionistas, chocolate lovers, gig-goers, film lovers, flashmob enthusiasts, children, adults, men and women all attended events during the first ever No More Traffik awareness festival.