No More Traffik.
Launched Apr.13

Awareness Festival 2013

After the success of the May 2012 Awareness Festival, No More Traffik began to develop into a longer-term hub of information.

No More Traffik started to network intentionally, deliver some training and awareness sessions, and when May 2013 was looming, we knew it was time for another festival!

This year was slightly different in focus: we wanted to let people in NI know that  human trafficking happened in Northern Ireland. Awareness had been spreading, and people were much more informed, but they had to be reminded that human trafficking could happen on our doorsteps. Why? Because if we all know this, we are able to look out for signs and report them appropriately…which leads to a traffik-free society.

472196_404206706267340_523510646_o (1)We hosted DIABLO, a play written by Patricia Downey from Spanner In The Works which highlights several true stories of human trafficking in Northern Ireland. The play came to Derry, Bangor and Belfast and took place both on stage and in private properties.

559472_414320661922611_26515025_nOther events in 2013 included a Fairtrade chocolate tea-party, a prayer event, a ThinkTank at the MAC and stories of freedom from Africa and Asia at The Dock Café in Belfast.