#MyDreamIs || Paul Meneely


My dream is to always have a dream. My dream is to not settle. My dream is to not fall into the mundane.

Life is for living, it’s always full of choices and possibilities, tomorrow can always be a better day – and this is very, very exciting! My dreams are also connected to my fears. My fear is that I would choose the safe option, my fear is that I would want the comfort my neighbours may have, my fear is that I would blend in.

In your twenties it’s easy to have these ideals. I’m nearing the end of my twenties and a lot of what ‘typically’ happens during this decade is about to happen to me. I have finally started working for an excellent employer after a lot of hard work and perseverance in jobs that I didn’t enjoy, I am signing for a new house TODAY, and I’m getting married in a little over two months’ time – and don’t get me wrong – I am massively excited about all of these. But I’m aware that these things bring a new stability to my life, and despite the massive positives, there are also new challenges. Right now I’m asking these questions:

How do I be the best husband I can be?

How do I remain creative and inventive in my work?

How do I manage a ‘grown up’ home with all those responsibilities (reminder to self, find out when bin day is)?

 It sounds simple but we find answers through asking questions, and I think we realise our dreams by asking questions. For example I’ve identified three men who have things in their marriages I want in my own: faith, risk taking and loving my family first. And I’ve simply arranged a time to meet with these guys and ask my questions.

It’s also important to be self-aware. I know me, I know I’m lazy and my dreams would simply remain dreams if I didn’t involve other people. I would also suggest making a bucket list of your dreams at the start of each year. You may not get through everything on your list, but you’ll get a lot further with one than without.

Like I said, life is for living. Northern Ireland needs dreamers, but it needs dreamers who do. Get practical, involve other people and watch! While your dreams become reality, others around you will be inspired to go after their own.

What is your dream? Share it here.