NRM Review Report Published

The Report on the Review of the National Referral Mechanism has now been published. You can read it here.

We welcome the review process undertaken by the Home Office in relation to the NRM. It is of paramount importance that it is the best it can be due to its significant potential in aiding trafficked people. 

The review is an important piece of work and we applaud any measure taken to make the experience of a victim of trafficking one that is safe, understanding and victim-led. 
In particular, the recommendations of more support given to First Responders – we will continue to train professionals such as the PSNI and Border Force agents in using the NRM appropriately, and to make this a general priority is a necessary move – and stronger intelligence gathering are what will, if acted upon, make the NRM a strong tool in the UK’s approach to tackling trafficking.
Most of all, we are encouraged to see that further awareness raising is being made a priority as it touches on what happens even before the NRM is considered: knowledge is at the heart of asking why traffickers are able to operate. communities feel helpless to respond or victims are vulnerable to being trafficked. More awareness will lead to action, and action will lead to lasting change.