Traffik-Free Christmas // Refuge Hot Chocolate


Tara Mullan

My name is Tara Mullan. I am a full time Potion Maker for Refuge Hot Chocolate.

When not being Miss Wonka I spend my time exploring new places, foods and activities. I like to stay fit with a variety of physical activities; Crossfit, cycling, running, walking and surfing to name a few. I am a lover of cake and have a fetish for hats.


Other than making delicious hot chocolate, what is Refuge Hot Chocolate all about?

Is it important to you that the ingredients for Refuge Hot Chocolate are sourced ethically?


It’s sort of the whole point in the operation. If it ain’t ethical it ain’t happening!

It would be totally wrong for a company that was founded to support survivors of human trafficking to be using unethical ingredients. You have to practice what you preach. I have to research the ingredients I use so I can try and make sure they are ethical. Sometimes this is harder than others.


What would be your one word of advice to someone wishing to shop or source ethically this Christmas?

As the words of a famous sports brand says ‘just do it’.

There is an increasing number of do good businesses that are more than profit. It’s easier to shop ethical now than it use to be. Ethical doesn’t always mean you pay more.

Be encouraged that your money is making a difference and not fuelling criminal gangs, exploiting people and such other awful things.  Always remember that any of us at any time can be vulnerable and taken advantage of through such schemes. Is there anything more precious than a human life.


Now that we know all about the delicious Refuge Hot Chocolate how can we go about purchasing some for our loved ones at Christmas?

Follow the journey on social media; Instagram and Facebook. You can see markets and events that I will be at. You can also contact me directly on social media or email to make an order and we can arrange pick up/ delivery.

Refuge HQ is my home in East Belfast.