Traffik-Free Christmas


The Christmas season is well and truly upon us, the hustle and bustle, the gift buying, the catching up with good friends and all the other good stuff in between that makes Christmas what it is.

At this time of the year we often get to see the generous and thoughtful side of human nature more than any other time. As we think about those gifts for those significant people in our lives. As consumers we are becoming more and more thoughtful about not just the gift but the story that the gift itself has, it’s origin story.

Where was it made?

Who by?

Is it fair?

Is it ethical?

We at No More Traffik are excited to launch our Traffik Free Christmas campaign which is highlighting some amazing brands who are as passionate about the quality of their finished products as they are about how those products are made.

Join us over the next few days as we share some local brands and inspiration for your loved ones’ Traffik-Free Christmas presents this year.