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#traffikfreetravel AIR WEEK

Welcome to the first week of our #traffikfreetravelcampaign. Throughout the month of July we’ll be informing you about the signs to look out for whether you are travelling on land, sea or air. You can read our introduction to the campaign for a bit of background information here. This week we’ll be looking at how to spot the signs of trafficking when travelling by air. 

How People are Trafficked via Air

Any port of entry can be used by traffickers and offenders, who often take advantage of the travel and tourism industries to transport victims from one location to another. It’s helpful to bear in mind that trafficking often takes place across domestic borders; so it’s something you can keep an eye out for on even the shortest of internal flights. 

Here‘s an interesting 10 minute podcast to listen to about this subject.

Spotting the Signs 

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A child travelling alone or with unrelated adults.   

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Someone who is spoken for by someone else or who looks fearful of the person they are with. They may also be fearful of you, or of authority figures.

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Someone who doesn’t have access to their own documentation. Someone else may hold it for them.

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Someone who doesn’t know where they are going (address, new workplace, etc…)

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Someone who avoids eye contact or seem disoriented. They may also appear to be drugged.

If you notice any of these signs while travelling by air, your first point of contact would be a flight attendant who can then make the necessary arrangements for action to be taken upon landing. If you notice something in an airport, contact border force, law enforcement or another staff member who will be able to help you.


To say thank you for joining in on the #traffikfreetravel campaign, we’ll be giving you the opportunity to win some lovely free stuff. This week, we’re giving away two tickets to see Dancing Shoes – The George Best Story at the Grand Opera House on Monday 24th August. To enter, simply share a photo of your travels (anything from exotic holidays to an everyday work commute) using the #traffikfreetravel hashtag on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (and tag us to let us know you’ve entered!). This week’s winner will be announced on Sunday 12th at 9pm.

Blog Post

Look out for our next blog post coming on Wednesday where Carys will be exploring in depth the transportation of victims of trafficking.

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