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#traffikfreetravel LAND WEEK

Welcome to the third and final week of our #traffikfreetravel campaign, thanks so much for checking in with us! Over the course of this month we have looked at how trafficking takes place and how we can all be more aware of the signs to look out for when travelling by air and sea. To mark the last week of #traffikfreetravel, we’ll be taking a look at trafficking via land, how it happens and of course the signs we can all look out for.  

How People are Trafficked via Land

As we have seen this month, travel and tourism form a significant part of the human trafficking infrastructure. Planes and boats can both transport traffickers and their victims, therefore a lot of the time we imagine human trafficking to be something that takes place over huge distances, which it certainly can. However, sometimes victims are moved over shorter distances, which will more than likely be across land. We don’t often think while we’re on the train or the bus that a victim of trafficking could be being moved, but as Carys pointed out in our Transport and Trafficking post, there is no evidence to suggest that public transport is not used as a means of transport for traffickers and their victims. Therefore it is important that we remain aware and alert to the signs of human trafficking – a period of transport is when traffickers can be at their most vulnerable. 

A way for victims to be moved across land can be something as simple as moving a group of people who have been working in a brothel a few streets away in order to avoid suspicion. 

As with trafficking via air and sea, public awareness is so crucial in the fight against human trafficking by land. Wider public awareness makes it much more difficult for traffickers to operate and can ultimately help recover victims. 

Spotting the Signs 

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  • A child travelling alone or with unrelated adults.
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    Someone (or a group of people) who looks fearful of the person they are with or who is spoken for by someone else.
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    Someone who doesn’t have access to their own documentation.
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    Someone who doesn’t know where they are going (address, new workplace, etc…)
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    Someone who avoids eye contact or seem disoriented.
    When on land your first point of contact should you be alerted to any of these signs, is the local police force. When travelling closer to home, the Blue Blindfold initiative in the south of Ireland gives information on how to report human trafficking which you can find here.  The National Crime Agency is a good resource on the various points of contact if you are travelling within the United Kingdom. America has the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. 


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Blog Post

This Wednesday our blog post will take a look at some of the change that is happening, some of the hope, within the difficult and dark issue that is human trafficking. We’ll be sharing some stories of victims who have been helped in transit. 

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