What If?

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It’s been a busy 3 years. 

We’ve seen change. And now we want more.

What if?

What if there was a safe outcome for every victim hidden here? What if traffickers knew they couldn’t operate in Northern Ireland? What if our decision-makers had freedom at the forefront of their minds? What if the vulnerable in Northern Ireland were never at risk of being trafficked? What if every teacher, lawyer, doctor…every professional knew how to spot the signs? What if university students heard about trafficking before starting their careers?  What if we had several community activism groups in each of Northern Ireland’s Supercouncils? What if businesses in Northern Ireland were known for being fair and responsible? What if our culture became even more generous and learned how to celebrate the value of every person? What if Northern Ireland led the way?


What if YOU could play a part in making these dreams a reality?

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Thank you. Without your generosity, we wouldn’t exist.